Pamukkale University

Faculty of Engineering; Department of Geophysical Engineering

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ali AYDIN -Turkish-


 SEG            JFMO

EAGE             BGS





  • Ph.D., Dept. of Geophysical Engineering, Karadeniz Tech. Univ Turkey, 1994-1997.

·       M.S., Dept. of Geophysical Engineering, Karadeniz Tech. Univ. Turkey, 1992-1994.

·       Nazmi Kalafatoğlu Language  Education Centre, Tampa Fl, USA. 1995. Tech. Univ Turkey, 1990-1991.

  • B.Sc, Dept. of Geophysical Engineering, Karadeniz Tech. Univ. Turkey, 1986-1990.



Research Interests


·        Potantial Fields and Modelling

·        Anisotropic Magnetic Susceptibility (AMS)




  • Undergraduate; Geophysical Surveying Methods
  • Graduate; Gravite ve Manyetik Yorumlama

Recent Publications -List of publications-


Aydin, A., Ferré, E.C. and Aslan, Z. The magnetic susceptibility of granitic rocks as a proxy for geochemical composition: Example from the Saruhan granitoids, NE Turkey, Tectonophysics, Volume 441, Issues 1-4, 15 August 2007, Pages 85-95.


Aydin, A., 2007, Interpretation of gravity anomalies with the normalized full gradient (NFG) method and an example, Pageoph Vol. 164, No. 11 (2007) pp. 2329-2344

Current Projects


Denizli ve yöresinin depremselliği ve kabuk yapısının araştırılması, PAU BAP,. Project no. 2006 MHF006, Coordinator.




Contact Address


Pamukkale University, Faculty of Engineering, Geophysical Engineering Department, Kinikli Campus, Denizli, 20017 Turkiye

Phone office  :+90 258 296 3370,   Fax   : +90 258 296 33 82, +90 258 296 32 62, Tel mobile:+90 505 549 7667



Nick of Skype : onrbrkaldn for MSN

Email: ilanidya@yahoo.com5



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